About me

Photographer, Designer and Traveller

Hi I'm Michele and I'm a Palma de Mallorca based people and landscape photographer available to shoot throughout Mallorca. I put my heart and soul into my work. My favorite shooting time is at evening and late evening because at this moment the light on Mallorca is absolutely fantastic.

My philosophy > all people are beautiful

My aim is to catch the right moment with my camera. Just be natural and relaxed and the rest comes by itself. This is your day to smile and enjoy it while I capture your story.

My Story

Grewing up in the south of Berlin, I collected my first experiences in the photography with 12 years. My mother bought me a very simple camera and I went out to make pictures, I knew this was my passion. Over all the years this was my hobby.

Since a hard fate in 2012 I found my inner peace when taking pictures. I specialized in landscape and hdr photography. After I posted the first photos, many people asked me if I did not want to photograph also persons and animals, so I found my specialization.



I'm happy to say Palma de Mallorca is my home. And I am proud to live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This island has a beautiful and unique light. With beach, coasts, mountains or old places, Mallorca is rich in unique photography locations.